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New Vinyl! K1203

Released: June 2015
K1203, the third vinyl release from Chicago’s K-rAd, features tracks that are dj-friendly, with positive, melodic strains. 119.78Modular2 and 120Strings will lighten and rejuvenate your after-hours as you share a glorious sunrise.

119.78Modular2 features analogue modular synth sounds from K-rAd’s latest build project. The, “bleep bloop melody sounds nostalgic to my listeners,” says K-rAd. He also notes that fans should expect more from his analogue synth project in future solo releases.

120Strings offers an elegant vehicle for dj’s to bring an orchestral string crescendo into a set. As is customary, K-rAd engineers a thoughtful intro and outro for smooth transitioning.


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401K-rAd is now available on the Download page (if you scroll down a bit).

Released: Oct 2012
A new yet classic full length album from the freaky minds of Mark Hardy and Chris Grabowski.
Download 401K-rAd now!

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2 hour K-rAd mix on RTS.FM

Check out the K-rAd_RTS.FM_080911 set. Broadcasted from pAdK-rAd.
This set came out nicely. I played slower 116-120 BPM. Since I was at home I could use all my stuff at the same time. There are a few moments when there are two Ableton machines and one Impulse Tracker machine all going at once plus moog and turntable ahhhh! Yes…all the tracks are originals.
Here is the .WAV of the set: K-rAd_RTSFM_080911.wav

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Signals Treats CD available now!

Signals Treats is now available on the Classic page. We made this CD as a demo for a record label in New York. They strung us along for a bit then never put anything out. They were upset because we were putting our music out independently.

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Classic CD now available.

Taloual is now available for download on the Classic page. This is what is left of the stencil for this CD. They tend to crack and fall apart when they have a million layers of paint on them. This album was like a “best of” for K-rAd at the time so we sold the most of this CD and that’s why it’s so thick with spray-paint.

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another K-rAd album available

Chad Screen Marathon is now available on the Download page. This is a chill-out record for relaxing, coming down and possibly sleeping. This guy Allen told me he still hasn’t made it to the end of this record awake. Is that a good thing? In this case…totally.

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